MLF Lab went to camp!

We partnered with ABC HSS to provide a dual-language ++ program in their summer camp. In our little group of children, more than 10 languages were spoken: Punjabi, Somali, German, Harari, Tagalog, Tamil, Bambara, Urdu, Malayalam and French. Amazing! #MultilingualismIsNormal #UAlbertaCSD @UofARehabMed

Dual-Language Stimulation in YEG during COVID

For their capstone project, SLP students McCleary, White & Piquette completed an scan of needs for dual-language stimulation in Edmonton and pilot our program. Parent perspectives indicate that a mixed-delivery approach would cater to unique community needs during the pandemic. We obtained #SSHRC funding to pursue this work. #UAlbertaCSD @UofA_RehabMed

So… We are all working from home now (aka: expanding our virtual lab)

So… We are all working from home now (aka: expanding our virtual lab) As a lab, we’ve occupied a virtual space for a number of years.  Some students are co-directed with colleagues in France, others have had a mat-leave (including me), and others have stayed in Montreal following my move to Edmonton.  For the firstContinue reading “So… We are all working from home now (aka: expanding our virtual lab)”

Reflections during Covid-19

While I’ve been meaning to get this blog going for years, I found finding the time challenging.  During Covid-19, I am working from home and homeschooling with my partner and I miss the regular interactions with my lab members and the department. Our lab has gotten used to having meetings with me via Skype duringContinue reading “Reflections during Covid-19”