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Help us learn more about children’s language development – including children who learn a different home language.  Your answers will help us develop better strategies to help children’s language learning at home and in the classroom, and online. Check out the flyer below!  You can contact us via email at to find out more.

Your language is your superpower! A collaboration with Edmonton Public Library! Join us for a quick study about empowering your home language. You can also drop in for weekly groups, for free!

You can email us for more information:

Est-ce que voter enfant parle le français à la maternelle? Is your child in French language kindergarten? Aidez-nous en apprendre plus! Help us learn more!

Vous pouvez nous rejoinder via courriel pour plus d’information. Email us for more information:


Other studies from our Multilingual Families Lab

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At the beginning of the pandemic in Spring 2020, we worked on two surveys.  If you are interested in learning about the outcomes, checkout out these resources we developed!  They are free and available in English, French, and Spanish!


You can take the survey here.


A quick survey about communicating with family & friends during COVID-19

We are hoping to learn more about how people communicate with family and friends and how people cope with daily challenges. Your participation is voluntary. Your answers will help us develop tips for communicating during this crisis.

Communicating with family & friends during COVID-19

You can take the survey here.

And here is a PDF of the study information: CommunicatingFamilyFriendsStudyInformation

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