International Multilingualism Day

The Multilingual Families Lab is celebrating International Multilingualism Day! International Multilingualism Day aims to celebrate linguistic diversity and the multi-layered way we use languages in our everyday lives. For many families, speaking more than one language has many advantages, from maintaining ties with your extended family to opening up job opportunities. Research in our labContinue reading “International Multilingualism Day”

Flying Canoë Volant #YEG

In the Mill Creek Ravine of Edmonton, a special cultural celebration took place the first week of March 2021. The Flying Canoë Volant is a festival inspired by a tale that highlights cultures of the French Canadians, Métis, and First Nations. This tale is the story of woodcutters that wanted to visit their loved ones.Continue reading “Flying Canoë Volant #YEG”

La communication des enfants durant la COVID-19

C’était un plaisir de présenter au Campus St-Jean dans le contexte du panel sur Les effets négatifs de la COVID-19.  Le Lab des Familles Multilingues a mené une enquête sur la communication des enfants durant la COVID-19.  Certains parents parents observent une croissance dans le langage de leurs enfants en lien avec l’attention 1 surContinue reading “La communication des enfants durant la COVID-19”