Reflections during Covid-19

While I’ve been meaning to get this blog going for years, I found finding the time challenging.  During Covid-19, I am working from home and homeschooling with my partner and I miss the regular interactions with my lab members and the department.

Our lab has gotten used to having meetings with me via Skype during my mat leaves.  I also commuted quite far for my old job, and so worked from home about 6 days a month. These tended to be good days to catch up on research progress with everyone  – but remotely.   Although we have used remote meetings quite a bit, we are each struggling with the physical distance from a shared work space. We are feeling pressure to be more productive, or fit productivity around our family commitments, or to be productive during moments of existential angst. It’s hard.

I’ve set up weekly virtual lab meetings and we are working an a common project. We  will keep checking in and find a new path through these difficult times.


Welcome to the Bilingual Acquisition Lab

Welcome to the Bilingual Acquisition Lab!

The focus of the Lab is to study the development of bilingual children with normally developing speech and language and children with disorders.  In collaboration with colleagues and students, our research strives to better understand bilingual development to help children achieve their potential.  We also seek to better understand how children acquire phonological knowledge.

To learn more about our projects, working, or volunteering, please follow the links to the left or contact me.