Keep kids talking during COVID-19!

Use everyday activities to build your child’s language abilities. With younger children, narrate what your child is doing and what they are seeing, read books, and play word or rhyming games. Ask questions about what they are up to and what will happen next. Play “eye-spy” and “what if?” With older children, learn “pig latin”, develop a family rhyming slang, play board games together, start a family book club (or get grandparents, aunties, and other families involved).

These tips grew out of the survey we launched early in May 2020 to understand how COVID-19 was impacting children’s communication.  We shared the general findings here. Parents expressed that more information about helping their kids communicate would be helpful. During our July lab meetings, we brainstormed what should go into the tip sheet. Kylene and Catrine wrote the text and prepared the “mise en page” and we are ready to share!

We created tip pages in Spanish, French and English.

  • Tips in Spanish
  • Tips in French
  • Tips in English

Published by Multilingual Families Lab

The focus of the Multilingual Families Lab is to study the development of bilingual children and their families.

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